Why International Law is important for everyone to understand

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International laws came into existence to deal with the crisis and conflicts among different states. Since these are the rules which act to find a solution to any destructive issue. Mainly these laws come out through international contacts and the regulatory bodies of states. These regulatory bodies are considered to be the most important source and also the origin of International Laws. Secondly, the practices which are going on from the very start are again the basics of these laws and had also improved the laws.


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At last, these international laws are formed with the help of an active community of international scholars who are highly experienced, and they also assist the political leaders with their helpful assistance. International law is considered to be the solution to a lot of problems going worldwide. Since the World War 2, these international laws are helping a lot in gaining peace and stability for the countries around the globe. The significant global challenges that have been taken place for 70 years and more are held so peacefully, and no one could imagine those to be held this much more comfortable without the presence of international laws. The decline of empires, independence movements of countries, separation of the station, the rise of America and conversion of China into a hyperpower, all this is calmly done due to the presence of International laws otherwise most of the times there were the chances of World War 3. The fundamental reason for this level of peace among states is the presence of International Laws. Law doesn’t help us in differentiating among what is wrong and what’s right, yet it is something which compels us to do the right from the fear of penalty. Law is a different thing from justice.


Respecting the law doesn’t mean the same thing as justice. The code is written by the government and regulatory bodies which means that it has instantaneous power at its back. Law tally is not against the ethics, but still, it is something separate to the ethical conducts and doings. The UN is the primary role player in the international legal orders. The statutory bodies of the UN are its security councils. Government is allowed to bring their matters of concern to the Security Council, and they will seek it out by the use of their authority and force. This system works typically smoothly as planned, hardly the things go wrong. But sometimes there could be problems in the UN system, and that is raised because of the one fundamental reason, and that is the presence of five permanent countries in UN, and that is, US, Russia, China, Great Britain and France.

Another problem could be the biases of this system to the Government and preferring government over the people.  Politics could also be a factor in trouble of this system. But despite all these issues, international law is a peacemaker, and it helps states in resolving the matters with each other.

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